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Over 400 million users love Dropbox for a reason: it includes powerful tools that make collaboration easier than ever, and provides your staff with anywhere, anytime access to your files and data. What does this all add up to? A more productive staff and a flexible business fit for the 21st century.


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Advance file sharing

Say goodbye to email attachments, FTP and other legacy solutions. Dropbox for Business offers file sharing that allows you to share large files faster, more easily, and more securely than ever before.


Anywhere, anytime access

Ever want to access your business files when you’re not at the office? Dropbox allows you to do just that. Access your files from any Internet-enabled device, and reach new levels of productivity.


Enhanced storage

Are the costs of maintaining and managing your servers out of control? With Dropbox for Business, you can get all the storage space you want without having to deal with on-premise servers.

Introducing Smart Sync

Work Without limits

You create a lot of work, especially when you collaborate with teams. When you have more files and folders than hard drive space, the work stops working.

Now with Smart Sync you can see all your files, and team folders, and they take up practically no space until you need them.

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Enjoy enterprise-class performance

Easily and securely manage your data with extensive admin and security features


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Reliable Security

With security features like account transfer and remote wipe, you can control who accesses your shared and stored files.


Easy Administration

Save time and headaches by managing billing, permissions, employee accounts, and all your admin features from a single place.


Simplified Management

Give new employees quick access to files and folders, and preserve former employees’ work using a simple management system.

Security you can count on

Dropbox for Business gives you state-of-the-art security trusted by Yahoo, Hyatt, National Geographic and other industry leaders.


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Multi-layered Security

Your data is protected by multiple layers of security within Dropbox’s distributed infrastructure and admin tools.


Cutting-edge Compliance

As one of the first cloud services to be awarded ISO 27018 certification, Dropbox is current with global standards of privacy and security.



Dropbox for Business policies, principles and controls ensure your confidential data is kept private.

Your employees will love Dropbox for Business


Versatile Extensions

Powerful functionality that integrates with Microsoft Office and over 300,000 apps.


Effortless Collaboration

Your staff can update and share files quickly, and sync their desktop and mobile.


Bigger ROI

Increase productivity with fewer IT malfunctions and less server maintenance.