Subscription Based IT Services

What is it?

Orchestrate's streamlined support package is an affordable, low-cost solution for your business offering more security and more mobility, resulting in greater productivity in order to grow your business. Orchestrate understands that businesses have many needs and we work diligently to partner in your businesses success.


Why Do you need IT services?


Minimize Downtime

Our services watch your servers and desktops 24/7 and are able to address any issue that causes downtime.



Orchestrates Services will monitor your systems and make sure that all threats are stopped in their tracks. You will have peace of mind that your data is secure and that you will not lose important information.


Reduced TCO

You can reduce the costs by having a professional staff working on your systems at a predictable monthly rate.



Orchestrate will handle all your regular maintenance. It is important to keep your systems well maintained because it keeps up with updates, security, and system health.



The goal for implementing Orchestrate is to improve your productivity. You don’t want to lose productivity in your business. Your business only grows if you are growing it and that can’t be done if you aren’t producing. Orchestrate will monitor and maintain your technology so you can provide your products and services to a growing number of customers.



Get exactly what you need to remain competitive and save on the unwanted overhead and burdensome bells and whistles that can drag your profitability down

What’s included?


Orchestrate provided Malware Protection/Installation


Orchestrate provided Antivirus Protection/Installation


OS Patches


Updates/Testing of updates


Cloud Managed Firewall


Hardware support
(for MS surface devices and Apple macbooks/ desktops within warranty ONLY)


Remote login/ Access to managed computers


Proactively monitor for breaches




New User Setups/ Swaps
(2 per month and extra @ additional cost)


Cloud managed wifi


QuickBooks support
(for setup/ backups/ basic errors)


Scheduled Support


Talk to Ticket Transcription

Not Included with monthly rate:


Printer support or maintenance beyond basic network connectivity


Hardware support for non-warrantied devices


Legacy Firewalls


Legacy/ consumer grade wifi


Advanced switch configuration
(additional charge outside agreement)


Email Migrations
(charged at per user rate)


Voip System Support


Software support
(that isn’t MS office/ Google Apps/ QB or Apple based)


Multiple onsite service calls/ Redundant service calls for non-warrantied equipment


Security cameras
(additional charge outside agreement)


Network Assessments
(1 time fee)


Onsite (non-cloud) email

Signing up for Orchestrate’s IT Services is
a simple three step process:


Let us know how many desktops/servers you have


Install our Orchestrate Software on your computer


Let the monitoring and updates for your system begin!

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    Orchestrate does not include ANY telephone support/ onsite support

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There is no annual contract with this plan. It is a month-to-month plan.

you can cancel your service at any time by going to and clicking the "cancel subscription" button at the bottom of the page. Subscriptions can be re-activated after a previous subscription cancellation one time per year.

Webroot SecureAnywhere is integrated and included with the support software that comes with this plan. It provides multi-vector protection, fast deployment, zero-hour security and online management.

Webroot will quarantine any potential threats on your computer, and Orchestrate will be immediately notified of any potential threats or infected machines. One of our technicians will reach out to the end-user(s) affected to ensure the computer has been cleared of the detected malware or viruses.

A user swap means setting up a new user profile on a previously deployed computer. It includes the same support as a new user setup, which includes creating a new user profile and adding it to a computer, as well as the installation of endpoint security on the computer and software that is managed by Orchestrate.

With this subscription, you receive basic support for Microsoft Office, Google Apps, QuickBooks and Apple-based software.

Yes, we can schedule your patches and updates to be on a reoccurring schedule any day or time of the week. Updates/patches are tested prior to deployment but can affect machines differently, sometimes causing issues. If an issue is a result of a bad update/patch, Orchestrate can rollback/troubleshoot issues at an hourly rate for support.

The Small Business and Startup Services plan can be used by companies with up to 10 devices. If you have more than 10 devices, we have other service offerings designed specifically for you. Just scroll down, click the option for "Over 10 Users" and fill out the web-form. Once you fill out and submit the form, we will reach out to you within 1 business day to work with you to find the best plan that fits your company's needs.

Orchestrate includes support for Meraki and Sophos Cloud-Managed devices. If you want to keep your current setup and it is not one of the supported devices, you may keep the current setup by signing a security waiver and purchasing the an add-on support package, which costs an additional $25.00 per user. The security waiver will be sent to you upon signing up for the add-on support package.

You can place a support request by calling into our ticketing system and leaving a message with your name, the name of the company you work for and a description of the support you need. This subscription does not include immediate phone support requests. However, our technicians make it their priority to handle requests as promptly as possible.

At Orchestrate, we do our best to meet our client's needs as promptly as possible. If the urgent support need occurs during business hours and it is in our wheel-house, support is available to you at an hourly rate.

We prioritize support requests by the level of urgency and impact each particular need has on the client's business. For example, a company-wide internet outage would be prioritized over an issue that only impacts one user.

In rare occasions, multiple businesses may have critical issues at the same time. In this case, we do our best to promptly assist all our clients. However, our contractual clients take priority, which may cause a minimal delay for clients who are on the month-to-month service plan.

If it is critical for your business to have immediate support in these types of events, our contractual service plan will be a better fit for your company's needs, which you can learn more about here.

After-hours support is not included with this service plan. In the case of highly critical support needs that happen outside normal business hours, such as company-wide internet outages, Orchestrate can provide after-hours support at double the normal hourly rate for support.

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