NovaStor Announces NovaBACKUP Version 15 – Backup For The Rest of Us

November 13th, 2013

NovaStor Announces NovaBACKUP Version 15 – Backup For The Rest of Us
NovaBACKUP – The #1 Rated Backup Software for home office and small business introduces the most comprehensive single data protection solution available.

Agoura Hills / (CA) USA, November 13th, 2013 –NovaStor announces version 15, the latest release of their flagship backup solution targeting the often overlooked home office and small business market.NovaStor solidifies their #1 position for home office and small business backup software by dramatically increasing product performance, adding high demand features/fixes as well as introducing a whole new level of product related services.

Backup for the Rest of Us:
Small Businesses need to operate efficiently in order to survive. They need to focus on the success of their business and anything that distracts them from this focus cuts deeply into their revenue potential. When it comes to Server Backup and Data Protection, they do not have the same luxuries as larger corporations.

They have limited budgets and can’t afford big name solutions that come from “Magic Quadrants”
They don’t have or lack adequate IT resources
They don’t have the time to learn or worry about backup
They’re not entirely aware of what is needed to properly protect their data
They need a single product to do everything reliably
NovaStor realizes that there are hundreds of thousands of small businesses stranded out there today, struggling to deal with these obstacles on their own. This contributed heavily to the features and services included with the release of NovaBACKUP 15 and the need for NovaStor to spearhead a campaign offering “Backup for the Rest of Us”.

“I run a small business and I have to admit that it was a rather frustrating process to select the right backup solution to protect my data. I tested the backup solutions of several serious data protection companies that claim to target small businesses and then watched as they entirely missed their mark,” says Mark Freeman of Applied Data.
“They were either way too expensive, far too complex or they provided solutions that only performed part of the job, unless of course I was willing to purchase several separate, high cost applications or feature plug-ins at an additional cost.”

New to NovaBACKUP 15:

“Backup for the Rest of Us” Pricing – Solutions optimized and built for offices with 1 to 100 employees that range in price from $349 – $1,499. A NovaStor expert will advise one all-inclusive solution for each environment.
Free Product Installation – An industry First. At the time of purchase, an appointment is scheduled with a NovaStor expert to perform complete installation service, saving the end user time and drastically decreasing the margin of error.
Latest Operating System Support – NovaBACKUP 15 comes ready with support for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2
Enhanced Disaster Recovery – Military grade encryption now supports the Disaster Recovery file protection option.
NovaCare Premium Local Support – Pricing includes one year access to NovaStor’s U.S. based on-staff, expert, technical support team via email or phone as well as upgrade protection covering all product upgrades or updates made available during that term.
Increased Performance – backup speeds for application files like MS SQL, MS Exchange as well as System State backup have been improved by 400%+.
Virtual Machine (VM) Optimization – Newly designed engine has been developed with future releases in mind to fully prepare product to be optimized for VMware and Hyper-V VM backup enhancements.
Improved Logging – Much improved tracking of the success of your backups and allows for better and quicker issue resolution.
“NovaStor has opted to go against the grain at a time when most competitive solutions have already turned toward offering lower cost, offshore, outsourced services or have resorted to separating their feature sets into different products to increase revenues.” says Mike Andrews, Managing Director at NovaStor. “We’re really excited to see the impact NovaBACKUP 15 will have as we shift further towards a customer-focused, service oriented approach to backup. NovaStor refuses to cut corners and what we’re offering will be truly unique all inclusive solution for the Small Business market.