Digium Switchvox 6.2 Now Available

July 12th, 2016
Digium Switchvox 6.2 Now Available

We are excited to announce the release of Digium's Switchvox 6.2, the newest version of Switchvox. With this release comes several brand new features that focus on your client’s customer experience. These features help to deliver more dynamic conversations with clients and customers, and provide tools that reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction.

Highlights of what’s new in 6.2:

  • Multimedia Chat delivers instant messaging, video chat, and screen sharing with contacts within your organization as well as external contacts.
  • Wallboard widget that displays queue overview information in a way that is optimized for large monitors on a contact center floor.
  • Queue Call Control brings complete call control to contact center supervisors. They can move calls to the top of the queue to be answered next, assign a call directly to a specific agent, or answer the call themselves. Supervisors can also log agents out of the queue to help prevent increased hold times.
  • Guided tours within the Switchvox interface offer step-by-step instructions for all the new features.

Visit https://www.orchestratetech.com/managed-services/phone-solutions/ for more information!