Introducing new features that make teamwork easier

September 12th, 2017
Introducing new features that make teamwork easier

Introducing new features that make teamwork easier

Screenshot showing new Dropbox homepage on web and mobile

From your light bulb moment to final presentation, the creative process isn’t always a smooth road. The trick is to avoid as many bumps and curves as you can. So we’ve been working on ways to help you find what you need to keep work flowing between you and your collaboratorsToday, we’re unveiling new features that make it easier to locate your most frequently used files, stay on top of projects, and work seamlessly as a team. Now everything you need is in one place, with up-to-date, easy-to-find information. Here’s what’s new.

Find what you need fast with a redesigned homepage

Our updated homepage lets you track your files and activity in one place. It organizes your work to help you focus on what needs your attention first. And for the first time, you’ll see more than just files on your homepage. You’ll see unread activity on files and Paper docs, including comments,shares, and @mentions. Your homepage will highlight the files or Paper docs you’ve recentlyviewed, starred, edited, or uploaded across any platform, whether you’re working on the web or your mobile device. (Available now for the Dropbox app on iOS and coming soon for Android).

Screenshot showing web view of new Dropbox homepage

Follow a project’s progress at every stage

When you’re working with shared files, a project’s status can change hourly. And the more people on your team, the more potential confusion there can be. To prevent that confusion, over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out a new feature that shows when someone has made changes to a file. When previewing a file on the webyou and your team will see a new tab showing who’s added, edited, renamed, or moved files across folders. We’ve also made it easy to collaborate no matter what kind of file you’re sharing. Dropbox now lets you preview more file types, including Sketch and wider range of raw photos. Even if a teammate doesn’t have Sketch installed, they’ll still be able to review the work and leave comments. And good news for those who work on the go—these file preview features are now available on mobile as well.

Screenshot of file activity feature and Sketch preview

Simplify creation and collaboration with new Paper tools

With Dropbox Paper, you don’t have to be in the same room to be on the same page. Paper givesteams a central place to create together, without having to flip between dozenof apps to find content. Today, Paper is introducing new design tool integrations that build on our current ones, a new API endpoint, and a host of features that make it easier to stay organized and find what you need.

• Preview Sketch design files without leaving Paper
• Embed InVision and Figma content in Paper docs
• Create or edit Paper docs in third-party apps with a new API endpoint
• Create mobile folders on the go
• Keep content organized with improved delete and archive features
• Find the right doc the first time with Paper doc previews

To find out how these new features will help your team create and collaborate, start by exploring our new homepage on